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The sun glinted off of my ring the other day as I was nursing, and a little circle of sunlight danced around the wall in the exact rhythm of my baby’s breath and wiggly movements.  If I weren’t also feeling his movements with my arms, I’d never have guessed the source, but because I knew […]

update: DWG


Linda Hutchins  Study for Lineal Silver (Pool) (studio view)  /  2009 DWG: A look at Contemporary Mark Making (opens August 29th) The title turns out to be both more and less brief than my previous post’s announcement… and there’s now a nice page of the artists showing in the upcoming drawing-based show on Ohge Ltd’s site.

image: Camilla Engman‘s studio wall (this is the second installment of this look at what gets my artistic motor running… #1 is here) One of the most memorable assignments I had in my undergrad art education was in an Introduction to Ceramics class with Linda Arndt at Ball State.  She presented us with stacks of […]

that air


One of my sisters is arriving in Paris today.  Maybe it’s that, maybe it’s the strange slow Northwestern approach to Fall (as a Midwesterner by birth, I’m still disoriented by a Fall or Spring that stretches longer than three weeks or so).  But today, there’s a wistful nostalgia and a vague but strong wanderlust in […]

We won’t be there in body, but our work will be; small unframed pieces from $25-300.  Thank you, Anna-Marie, of love+luck.

Video still from “We are Good Helpers”  Zack and Gala Bent, 2008 Zack (my husband) and I are collaborating again!  Our last joint effort (aside from the inevitable continual help that we each rely on to get our own work done) was at Crawlspace, where our family camped out like modern day pioneers.  Our first […]

Peter Foucault “Swarm No. 2.”  Ink on paper.  25 x 30 in. 2007 via I’ll have work up at the end of the month in a show with a terrific group of artists who use drawing as a central part of the work they do.  Opening on August 29th, for those of you in the […]