back in the two-seat saddle

Video still from “We are Good Helpers”  Zack and Gala Bent, 2008

Zack (my husband) and I are collaborating again!  Our last joint effort (aside from the inevitable continual help that we each rely on to get our own work done) was at Crawlspace, where our family camped out like modern day pioneers.  Our first efforts to work together were back in Buffalo NY, around 1998, where we struggled through awful collaborative paintings and wrote awful collaborative poems on bar napkins before experimenting with photo and collage to describe the process of give and take.  We were rewarded for our persistence; the pieces we made were accepted into the annual Western New York show, held by the Albright Knox Art Gallery.  (Wish I had an image readily available, but that was back in the day of *gasp* film slides.)  Since then, we’ve worked together on everything from design to quilted wedding backdrops, and, you know… the raising of three kids.

This summer, we have several design jobs flowing, and also this.  I was perplexed by the title Madart, until I realized that it was Madison Park centralized.  The project (which kicks off on September 12th) is designed to bring art into unexpected locations surrounding businesses in the Madison Park village.  I’m so excited to see what the other artists are working on, too.  More to come!


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