update: DWG

Linda Hutchins  Study for Lineal Silver (Pool) (studio view)  /  2009

DWG: A look at Contemporary Mark Making (opens August 29th)

The title turns out to be both more and less brief than my previous post’s announcement… and there’s now a nice page of the artists showing in the upcoming drawing-based show on Ohge Ltd’s site.


3 thoughts on “update: DWG”

  1. Gala, thank you so much for leaving this link to Lisa hutchins, I have been ADDICTED to line drawing lately…line in general. And her organza shapes-gorgeous!Its fun to go through in my mind the artists that I love, and to note that a strong component in all of their work is an interesting use of line. Fascinating how just the slightest change in pressure when drawing can give an line so much interest and how the weight and direction of a line immediately changes the feel. Line is definitely becoming more and more an integral part of what i have been painting, since the discovery that I can “paint” really intricate lines with a fountain pen dipped in gouache. I love that I get to continue to be your student, Gala, through reading your blog and keeping up with your work. I love the way you respond to the world around you.

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