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{image: Wikimedia Commons} A side note post as I continue to write about influences and inspiration.  It happens now and then that you see work that echoes another artist’s work so strongly that you have to wrinkle your nose and shake your head, especially when you know who’s rhyme came first.  A small number of […]

{Robert Fontenot} I came across Robert Fontenot’s Recycle LACMA project through the superb weatherspoon and am, again, contemplating the art-version of reduce/reuse/recycle.  In projects like the one pictured below, and in the one we just finished for the Madison Park Window Project, Zack and I have used handmade quilts that we found at the Goodwill […]

Hail, much-needed too-short vacation.  It didn’t take long to be washed brainclean by the sound of real ocean waves.  As much as I adore Puget Sound, she’s just not the same as the Oregon coast’s vigorous roll of wave-on-wave.  I can try to describe it, but the main thing is its own wordlessness.  I can […]

Art Club


Scooting down the coast here pretty soon, on a mini-vacation and to deliver work to Portland, Oregon for Half/Dozen‘s first show in a bona fide space!  This will be a group show of the gallery’s current artists, all of whom I admire.  And then I’ll have a solo show there in October. I’m always tempted […]