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{Tim Hawkinson  Blindspot, 1991 Photomontage Collection of Tony and Gail Ganz Photograph courtesy Ace Gallery via} I’ve seen this piece by Tim Hawkinson before, and have chuckled at its cleverness, but somehow missed the fuller profundity of it until recently.  The artist tracked down the parts of his body that he couldn’t see directly… his […]

(Louise Bourgeois) The response is never nonchalant when I tell people I have three boys under five years old.  It might be a sympathetic sigh, a knowing grin, a shocked cringe or a mocking chuckle.  “You have your hands full,” can be said in a host of tones, and I think I’ve heard them all.  […]

The title of this post is also the name of the piece above.  The song name (and tune) kept sneaking into my head while I was making the drawing, and I just couldn’t avoid calling it that.  It’s a sort of personification of architecture-as-ideal, and she does, indeed, work hard.  I’m so attracted to the […]