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{image above, Amy Huddleston} Next Saturday (a week from today… December 5th) I’ll be sitting down with a group of artists (see link list below) for Drum of the Draw at Grey Gallery. We’ll be drawing/painting up a storm for four hours, beginning at 5pm. At 9pm all drawings will be for sale at a […]

{image from Ann Hamilton: An Inventory of Objects by Joan Simon, Gregory R. Miller & Company (November 15, 2006)} I just ran across this tiny little image in a book about one of my pervasive favorites, Ann Hamilton.  It’s a hat and veil that were made to be part of a performance piece, aloud, in […]

another praxis


It’s no secret that I have a preoccupation with understanding the creative process in other artists whose work I admire.  There are practical crossovers in the work of making music and writing and film and many other disciplines.  While we wrestle with different material and limitations, the mind is still our workspace, especially where the […]

(photo via Miss Manitach) There are countless indepth blogs about food, in every direction, of course, but my life has been intersecting with food in new ways lately, so I thought I’d slip a post in.  The trouble is, the more I think about food, the more there is to think about. A week or […]