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come true


I had a recurring dream for years before moving to Seattle.  It was discovering, to my great surprise, that I had mountains right in my backyard.  If I just walked the right direction, across the right field, and down some hilly wooded paths, the foot of a mountain would appear in front of me.  I […]

(thx ms. arnold)

I will admit that the debate I’ve been having in my mind seems younger than my age, but it’s a tempest in a teapot, and where do you go to release these squalls?  The blog, of course!  I have, at this juncture of my life, the welcome dilemma of being friends with people of widely […]

The catalog for my last show at Half/Dozen in Portland is available here!  It’s 42 pages, and includes installation shots and an image of each piece with details (very nice for obsessive line-laden drawings).

I’m teaching a painting course this semester, for the first time in a while.  I must be in the right place, because I feel like I’m sticking my paw in a honeypot every time I have to prepare or research.  Spending your time with this sort of thing can feel really… dumb in a particular […]