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Collaboration is in the air… I have some percolating myself, but the immediate interesting confluence is between two shows here in Seattle at the moment.  Visions of the Robopocalypse just opened at the Seattle Pacific Art Center: Visions of the Robopocalypse is a collaboration between Andrew Peterson and the Sanctuary Art Center, a non-profit art […]

beasts at table


I love these new pieces by Tamara Codor— flowers becoming monstrous in opulent magazine settings.  She also happens to paint interiors for clients who might live in spaces like these.  I love the parallel, imagining that Tamara’s preference in the spaces she embellishes would be to go further over the top… bear skin rugs draped […]

I just spent a blustery sunny couple of days in Chicago, and then a couple more in mid-Michigan, where dark herds of deer casually watched from smooth white hills as our rental car hurtled by.  (Knowing, from experience, what the heft of a deer’s body can do to a car, and what a car can […]

{ptg: Jose Gamarra  Vinculos 1983} Trout {Richard Hugo} Quick and yet he moves like silt. I envy dreams that see his curving silver in the weeds. When stiff as snags he blends with certain stones. When evening pulls the ceiling tight across his back he leaps for bugs. I wedged hard water to validate his […]



I am maybe a little preoccupied with the idea of artistic longevity. It’s gratifying to watch people who push through many stages as artists– visually, musically, or otherwise– but it can also be painful to watch a favorite go through awkward transitions. I was a devoted Cocteau Twins fan in high school. When I was […]

to what listens


I come to it again and again, the thought of the wren opening his song here to no human ear– no woman to look up, no man to turn his head. The farm will sink then from all we have done and said. Beauty will lie, fold on fold, upon it.  Foreseeing it so I […]