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I was alerted yesterday that I’ve been treating the blog like a tumblr page, and I concur.  Why?  My hands are set to production mode, and when I get a chance to slow down, I’m much more likely to input vs. output.  So reading East of Eden (so wildly good to read fantastic fiction again!) […]

the biz


Artist Joan Linder hand-letters famed artists’ resumes.  A new version of copying the masters?

weston teruya


An abundance of gatherings (the earth turned over) detail spraypaint, gouache, ink, acrylic, pencil and cut paper collage on paper 48½” x 38” 2009 Split echoes drawn by the day-to-day beacon (geographies returned to over time) spraypaint, gouache, pencil, ink and cut paper collage on paper 28” x 48” 2008 ********************** the world set loose […]

rachel sumpter


{Finery, 2009}

george tooker


wide eyed and in between…