coral renaissance cutlery

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why the short posts?

I was alerted yesterday that I’ve been treating the blog like a tumblr page, and I concur.  Why?  My hands are set to production mode, and when I get a chance to slow down, I’m much more likely to input vs. output.  So reading East of Eden (so wildly good to read fantastic fiction again!) or browsing art sites fits the bill to replenish what is going out.  What’s going out?


1) A show at Catherine Person Gallery (the site still reads May 20th, but the opening is actually April 1st; it’ll be updated soon enough) with painter Colleen Hayward and sculptors Renee Zettle-Sterling and Heidi Schwegler..  I’ll have brand new work there, and work that hasn’t been shown in Seattle.

^Heidi Schwegler leave when I ask silver plated dish, spoon, wax, hanky 14 x 14 x 3″ 2009 photographer: Bill Bachhuber^

2) A collaboration for Strange Coupling with Nuala Ni Fhlathuin, who inspires me with her Giovanni Anselmo-like sensibility, where the is-ness of objects eclipses representation (the place where I usually camp out).  It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable collaboration.  That opening is also on April 1st, but goes until 11pm at Ouch my Eye.

^Ni Fhlathuin^

3) And this exhibit at Ohge Ltd, which also opens on the 1st, but with a later span than most spaces (6-10pm):

I swear this is no April fooling.  Hope to see some of you Seattlites!

weston teruya

An abundance of gatherings (the earth turned over)
spraypaint, gouache, ink, acrylic, pencil and cut paper collage on paper
48½” x 38”

Split echoes drawn by the day-to-day beacon (geographies returned to over time)
spraypaint, gouache, pencil, ink and cut paper collage on paper
28” x 48”

the world set loose and waggling… construction by worker bees and worker people… geometric, unit-based and crumbling.  the glory and terror of fecundity, both in the natural world and the urban one.  spills, cracks, breaks and detritus.  rebuilding and patching up.  making do.  (interpretation mine… images weston takeshi teruya)