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There are some things I like about the way my brain is made. But sometimes the things that are strengths become weakness if not tempered (isn’t that the way with personalities?). I think in big pictures– arcing ideas. I love to synthesize ingredients that might not arrive in proximity to one another. Remixing and drawing […]

{Cinematic Orchestra + Patrick Watson} So there’s land and here’s sea: The Swimmer {Mary Oliver} All winter the water has crashed over the cold sand. Now it breaks over the thin branch of your body. You plunge down, you swim two or three strokes. you dream of lingering in the luminous undertow but can’t; you […]

Some of my drawings were posted a few months back on booooooom, and someone commented that they’d been seeing a lot of “these hair illustrations.” “What?” I asked innocently, “What hair illustrations?” Since then, my field of vision has been inundated with the stuff from every direction.  Just a couple examples: from boooooom, again, and […]

They’re up!  They’re up!  The three shows that open tonight are hung and lit and labeled.  I’ll post pictures of the installation-based pieces when I have them.