to shape the static

There are some things I like about the way my brain is made. But sometimes the things that are strengths become weakness if not tempered (isn’t that the way with personalities?). I think in big pictures– arcing ideas. I love to synthesize ingredients that might not arrive in proximity to one another. Remixing and drawing parallels are my delight. But. If I haven’t had the time to reshape all of the stimulus that comes to me by way of drawing, painting, writing or (less publicly) singing, my mind becomes a wash of multi-colored static. It seems so rudimentary and simple, but I really need art for clarity. It just helps me slow down and shape the static into something recognizable.

Speaking of focusing all the noise into a hum, I can’t get these images out of my mind . Performance artist Marina Abramovic sits across from anyone who is interested in staring into her eyes. They choose the duration (included in the caption beneath each photo), while Abramovic commits to around 420 minutes a day. My suggestion for the slideshow… pause it and take it at your own pace. Click ‘info’ under ‘options’ to see how long each participant sat. It’s amazing how many are moved to tears. The act of staring into another person’s eyes for any length is a vulnerability that we don’t enter into very often, if at all. I’m also totally wooed by the beauty and variety of people’s features. It’s not the most diverse crowd, but even so, the differences are striking and stilling. Three women:


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