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Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then from Brent Green on Vimeo. Advertisements

(above: a full family collaborative drawing) A common question that I am asked is how I/we (me and my husband Zack, also an artist) do this– this combination of teaching, art-making and parenting three small boys. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, especially in terms of what we don’t do. I know that […]

“Hello! I’m Meara O’Reilly. My thing is auditory perception. I’ve been exploring this through making instruments, heirloom science demonstrations, auditory illusions, and singing.” This multi-dimensional thinker-musician-artist has my heart. I love her curiosity and her blatant beautiful nerdiness. The image below is a still from an experiment with creating patterns on a chladni plate in […]

CuldeSac and Studio Marisol (thx Tamara!)

bill callahan


“I started telling the story without knowing the end of ordinary things. How much of a tree bends in the wind. I used to be darker. Then I got lighter. Then I got darker Something too big to be seen was passing over and over me.”

…wheezing and sputtering? Leaning over onto your thighs in the road? Well, sort of, but also letting some news fly about things happening over at Asthmatic Kitty Records. Zack and I worked on this video for Shannon Stephens last summer. “In Summer in the Heat” has the distinction of being one of those songs inside […]

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I was flipping through my sketchbook and saw these quotes in close succession. They resonate well, so I thought I’d republish them here: Lynda Barry: What is an Image? At the center of everything we call “The Arts” and children call “play,” is something which seems somehow alive. It’s not alive in the way you […]