catching up with asthmatic

…wheezing and sputtering? Leaning over onto your thighs in the road? Well, sort of, but also letting some news fly about things happening over at Asthmatic Kitty Records.

Zack and I worked on this video for Shannon Stephens last summer. “In Summer in the Heat” has the distinction of being one of those songs inside a project that grew on me as we worked rather than losing its shine. Even the Patrick Watson video that I posted a little bit ago made me cry for some reason when I first heard it, but has since gone all withery and dry-tongued and now feels a little too derivative of Radiohead or Jeff Buckley by way of Coldplay (still love the lyrics, Mr. Watson). But this song of Shannon’s just got better, like a well-made wooden chair.

Shannon has a re-release of an older album coming out in July. Zack and I worked on the packaging together and he took some more press shots. The mp3 track “Catch the Morning Line” on the site is a great jangling number that feels like old Smiths (without being derivative). Look and listen here!

I love the playlists from other labels that Michael Kaufmann has been posting on the sidebar alphabetically (A is for Anticon, B is for Brassland, etcetera)  You can click on “open akradio” at the bottom of each post to listen, but here’s the latest one. He’s up to J! I put the playlists on often when I’m painting; it’s nice to hear a sampler of a particular angle on independent music. Some are niches and others are more varied, but it’s all interesting. And I like the generosity of the gesture, too.


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