meara o’reilly

“Hello! I’m Meara O’Reilly. My thing is auditory perception. I’ve been exploring this through making instruments, heirloom science demonstrations, auditory illusions, and singing.” This multi-dimensional thinker-musician-artist has my heart. I love her curiosity and her blatant beautiful nerdiness. The image below is a still from an experiment with creating patterns on a chladni plate in salt with her voice. I get chills thinking about this synesthetic phenomenon and what it implies about the interlaced patterns that we live inside. (We part some of them with our bodies and voices as we move… what other effects are played by and upon us?) The video at bottom is from one of O’Reilly’s links as a guest blogger on boingboing. Hermeto Pascoal seems to embody a similar insatiable curiosity and playful seriousness. And the yellow butterflies approve.


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