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Some thoughts mid-process of drawing and thinking. What are the breaking and leaking points of closed systems? How does a building echo biology? When is explosive decay a crisis, and when is it a relief? How powerful are the laws of nature against our own internal natures? W.B. Yeats: THE SECOND COMING Turning and turning […]

Joseph Beuys ‘Untitled (Sun State)’ 1974 After the pleasure of hearing this guy speak and watching this, I’m thinking a lot about time perception. I was already noticing an inner shift lately when thinking of what is ancient and what is current. I can hang it all like a felt hat on Joseph Beuys. I […]

Weeping Pipe (an installed drawing that is still up at Catherine Person Gallery here in Seattle for another month or so) is another in my series of wounded building parts… anthropomorphizing the anxiety of leaks and cracks. I am struck by the dull panic that seems to ride under the surface of everyday life as […]

Click the link for a compelling animated version of Anne Siems’ paintings: … between the lines a dream is hiding … from Robert Campbell on Vimeo.