leaking (agony, ecstasy)

Weeping Pipe (an installed drawing that is still up at Catherine Person Gallery here in Seattle for another month or so) is another in my series of wounded building parts… anthropomorphizing the anxiety of leaks and cracks. I am struck by the dull panic that seems to ride under the surface of everyday life as we deal with the fact that things fall apart. On a small scale, our bodies and our houses are always slipping at their seams and coming disjointed. On a larger scale, witness… the BP Gulf oil spill or the Icelandic volcanic eruption disruption. Of course, even as there are leaks that are disastrous, there are also blessed-relief versions. Breaking of tension, release of pressure, in all of the systems of the cosmos. And now here I am anthropomorphizing the universe, giving it an emotional spin.

Oh the terror and the glory.



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