^We are Good Helpers video still 2008^

The over-sized Lincoln Logs in Zack’s show that beg to be played with? Tomorrow (Saturday the 28th) Zack and the two older boys will be crashing the party and reconfiguring the structure inside of Vermillion. They are super excited, of course. They haven’t really played inside a gallery since the Crawlspace residency, where we all camped out and made things.

Remodel: a work/play study & a prequel to Kindergarten
Saturday August 28th from 2-4pmI am pleased to announce an event/remix inside the exhibit this coming Saturday from 2-4pm. Model Home (a sculptural installation fashioned out of life-sized Lincoln Logs) will be remade through the minds of my 2 oldest sons Ezra (5) and Solomon (3.5). We will be on-site constructing the installation with additional supplies from 2-4pm. The gallery won’t be open, but we wil be ‘on display’ and spectators are free to come and study us through the large front window. Feel free to peer in this coming Saturday or stop by to see the results through Sept. 4th.


it was just a dream some of us had

Aimee Brodeur Galaxy, Part 1
Installation 2009
Poly fiber, spray paint, acrylic spray, glitter, mirror,lights 43″x57″

Been thinking, without having the words quite yet, about the swing back and forth in art (of all sorts) between illusion and, for lack of a better phrase, honesty of material. Some people build up extra extra layers, and others seem to be employed in whittling the excess back. I probably find myself in the former category more often, but hunger for the latter. It’s similar to the way that I love simple, elegant interiors, yet gather and gather visual stimulus into more clutter than I prefer.

I know it’s an incorrect usage of the word, but I like to think of the whittlers as essentialists; people like…

Wolfgang Laib, whose monk-like use of single elements like milk or pollen polish the world down to a low hum.

Addendum: I placed that Aimee Brodeur image at the head, because I love the illusion she achieves with the most unexpected materials. Poly fiber, spray paint, acrylic spray, glitter, mirror and lights become the Hubble telescope’s inconceivable images of cloudy galaxies.

fort branch… coming soon!

The house and studio have been all a-buzz as my husband, Zack, prepares for an upcoming show, Fort Branch, at Vermillion Gallery here in Seattle. If you’re in the area, come visit at the opening next Thursday (part of Capitol Hill’s second Thursday Art Walk). I’m very excited about the work… more sculpture than usual, and an array of photos that volley with it in themes as diverse as campfire dinners and the fear of death. Yes, that’s what I said.

Above: Five Links and Smoke Drill #2

“In this series,” Zack says, “many of the works walk the line between play and catastrophe in the face of an unwieldy natural order. The exhibit is filled with a series of artifacts, including a full-scale dilapidated Lincoln Log cabin, drawing on the nearly 100-year-old toy designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son John during the Progressive Era. The toy’s early packaging described the contents as ‘interesting playthings typifying the spirit of America’. Also among the works are a mummy bag sarcophagus, a flag-burying kit and a selection of photographic documents and occurrences.”

Vermillion : 1508 11th Ave Seattle, WA (opening, August 12th, 6-11pm)

In other Zack news, check out this portrait of him made by the illustrious Dan Carrillo with the wet plate collodion process (a huge glass plate dipped in emulsion right before exposure):