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^We are Good Helpers video still 2008^ The over-sized Lincoln Logs in Zack’s show that beg to be played with? Tomorrow (Saturday the 28th) Zack and the two older boys will be crashing the party and reconfiguring the structure inside of Vermillion. They are super excited, of course. They haven’t really played inside a gallery […]

Aimee Brodeur Galaxy, Part 1 Installation 2009 Poly fiber, spray paint, acrylic spray, glitter, mirror,lights 43″x57″ Been thinking, without having the words quite yet, about the swing back and forth in art (of all sorts) between illusion and, for lack of a better phrase, honesty of material. Some people build up extra extra layers, and […]



More later, but here’s a little peek of part of the log cabin at Zack’s Fort Branch show (photos taken by Amanda Manitach.. more about the opening at her blog as well…). The process of that structure was a performance embedded in life.

The house and studio have been all a-buzz as my husband, Zack, prepares for an upcoming show, Fort Branch, at Vermillion Gallery here in Seattle. If you’re in the area, come visit at the opening next Thursday (part of Capitol Hill’s second Thursday Art Walk). I’m very excited about the work… more sculpture than usual, […]

1940s in color


You don’t often see 1940 unless in black and white. The Denver Post just posted some color slides from this era that are astounding. Click here to see more.