^We are Good Helpers video still 2008^

The over-sized Lincoln Logs in Zack’s show that beg to be played with? Tomorrow (Saturday the 28th) Zack and the two older boys will be crashing the party and reconfiguring the structure inside of Vermillion. They are super excited, of course. They haven’t really played inside a gallery since the Crawlspace residency, where we all camped out and made things.

Remodel: a work/play study & a prequel to Kindergarten
Saturday August 28th from 2-4pmI am pleased to announce an event/remix inside the exhibit this coming Saturday from 2-4pm. Model Home (a sculptural installation fashioned out of life-sized Lincoln Logs) will be remade through the minds of my 2 oldest sons Ezra (5) and Solomon (3.5). We will be on-site constructing the installation with additional supplies from 2-4pm. The gallery won’t be open, but we wil be ‘on display’ and spectators are free to come and study us through the large front window. Feel free to peer in this coming Saturday or stop by to see the results through Sept. 4th.


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