upcoming/coming up

Hey! Things are brewing over here. I’m very honored to have been grouped with Chauney Peck


and Matt Sellars


in a show at Steele Gallery (Gage Academy) which starts September 17th, with an opening and artist’s talk on the 24th (7pm). Both artists are object makers, but have also been known to document and create experience, which intrigues me deeply.

My own work will include both drawings on paper and some more site specific installed pieces. I’ll update my website and post new images when they’re ready to rock.

{Also, I’m getting ready to send my oldest son to the wide world of kindergarten… advice on the new emotional landscape?}


2 thoughts on “upcoming/coming up”

  1. I am finally getting a breath to catch up on your blog. I love the log structures and family creations!

    I just sent my two off to kindergarten a couple weeks ago. Such a flurry, will they get on the bus, will they eat the lunch I made them and remember where I put their snacks, will they listen to their teachers, will they have fun, wear all their clothes, go to the bathroom, ask for help, be polite, make friends, wear grace in their hearts and love on their sleeves, choose goodness and hope? Something inside of me trembled as their little forms climbed the huge steps of the big yellow metal machine hurdling them into an unknown and unpredictable world. And yet I breathed deep, they came home, they struggled, they rejoiced, they keep going, and I breathe again each day. The second day of school I went to Goodwill and came across a shirt that said, “Alive and Free” I bought it. It reminded me that as long as I remember they have a greater caretaker, whose watching over their very souls, I feel that freedom. The moment I forget that fact, fear and sadness begin to disorient me. We are eternally and wholly Alive and Free!

    1. You just articulated the whole cycle so well! All the hopes you hope for these more-and-more autonomous people become so acute as they move into new independent territories.

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