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I can’t wait to have the whole thing revamped (in the new year… watch out!), but I’ve updated my website with some of the new work from the end of this year. One of the kinks in the site-as-is is the way images register in the ‘thumbnails’… click on any image to see a bigger […]

I am super haunted today by a performance we saw last night by Ralph Lemon and an astounding group of dancer/actors at On the Boards (How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere?). For a play-by-play (so glad I didn’t read this before going to see it!) read the article […]

james ensor


It’s only been about 120 odd years since James Ensor was working. What a contemporary feel he has.

mee shim


A number of years ago, I was visiting a dear friend in Fort Wayne Indiana, who mentioned a painter that she knew, and asked if I’d like to go see her show and studio. I get a little nervous in these situations, because it’s so awkward to be introduced to someone whose work you don’t […]

I know it’s the day after Halloween, but let’s talk about being haunted. When I first moved to Seattle, I remember smelling an unfamiliar plant smell some evenings– especially at dusk. A salty green cabbage-like odor. It slowly occurred to me that I was smelling our new neighbor– the sea inlet, Puget Sound. I’d never […]