…and solaris

I’m in the middle of Solaris. (This is a bit of an embarrassing admission. Once it’s nighttime, and the kids are all tucked away, even my love of Tarkovsky can’t keep me from getting dozy at his films’ pace. So I’m not watching it as I know it should be… in one long sigh). But anyway, especially since seeing Ralph Lemon’s performance, I’ve wanted to see it. The circular windows that overlook the ocean of Solaris are also sticking with me in the same theme of last post. At night, they are yawning black holes, and the protagonist leans into them as the camera zooms in slowly… and we are all floating in the dark together.

Andy Goldsworthy talks about his black hole pieces in Rivers and Tides (he has just explained that he began making these pieces when his brother’s wife passed away):


4 thoughts on “…and solaris”

  1. These past three posts have the feel of a trilogy and I love what you are chasing down in them. I am always feeding into my own work the energy of comes from the twin thrills of that black hole–the thrill of fear of what lurks there, what will emerge, where it will lead and the exhilarating desire to face that unknown, to know its shape–keeps me drawn to the cave entrance, curious as i ever was as a little kid to go in.

    *We have in common that experience of L’Engle. Can’t wait to read her books with my girls.

    Thanks very much for these thoughts and images.

    1. They *are* a sort of trilogy… I’m calling up those dizzying and sometimes feverish moments as a child when you perceive the simultaneous terror and attraction of infinity/eternity. L’Engle is a big part of that in my youth…

  2. That video is mesmerizing! The ribbon of leaves is decidedly marveling and certain to be added to our summer stream lingerings. I never tire of you fleshing out the crevices of your process, tarry on, my friend.

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