farewell, george tooker (1920-2011)

addendum: I just lost my own grandmother, who was 98, and I’ve tried to write about it here, never setting it live; it always feels a little too personal. But when I posted this farewell this morning, it felt like a strange foil to my own grief. In any case, it’s still too personal to go into, but I couldn’t let it pass unmentioned.


the past, which is always present

Checking in on past professors, I came across this beautiful and inspiring painting by David Schirm, who I studied under at SUNY Buffalo (until, weirdly enough for those who know my work, I defected from painting to photography). I remember visiting his house with other graduate students. It was outside of the city on a particularly verdant feeling day, and his home was a wonderland of things to look at. I loved his paintings then, and it’s fun to see what he’s been up to more recently.


I’ll have some work included in an upcoming Filter Literary Journal. This is so exciting, since I have an abiding love affair with hand-pressed books, but have not been making my own much lately. And, to add to the literary spin, I’ll also have work included in a show at Richard Hugo House for National Poetry Month in April. I’m making work based on Wendell Berry. Too bad it doesn’t coincide with a visit to Seattle from the man himself!

More details to come… and also on an upcoming something something with this place.