from dark to dark

Some of the most profound work on earth happens when, somehow, the strengths of people speaking in different artistic languages come together. Opera, cinema, high church, books, happenings, ceremonies of all sorts… these all can yield a cross-pollinated glory that is greater than the sum of parts. When more of the senses, and sensibilities, are orchestrated into a production, we can be more fully immersed in an experience.

During National Poetry Month, Richard Hugo House is going for it. They’ve asked chefs, musicians, writers and artists to engage with poetry for a host of events and exhibitions through the month of April. The image above is a detail from a new piece I made to embody Wendell Berry’s poem “The Country of Marriage.” I got a peek at some of the other works when I dropped it off, and am really excited by the range and sensitivity of the work (most of which, if not all, was made for the exhibition).

(Tonight is the opening reception: 6-9pm, but the work will be up through April and lots more is going on through the month.)


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