obra uno

Here stands my first publicly revealed animation! Brooklyn-based musician and constant collaborator* Roberto Carlos Lange puts music out with Asthmatic Kitty Records as Helado Negro. His latest album, Canta Lechuza, is suffused with watery ripples and whispers, and roughed up properly with electronic honks and deep grooves. It was an honor to work with Roberto’s music, and always a testament to the strength of the fabric when I still want to listen to it after the type of repetition that comes with the territory of animation. This little piece, Obra Uno, leads into the next track on the album in a gorgeous way. I gave the double-song a try, but in the end, this part of the animation was the most complete and here stands alone. Click the link above to hear the song within the context of the album.

*check out another one of Roberto’s latest collaborations out here— beautiful!


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