Roland Flexner #1

I’ve been reading, and really enjoying, Margaret Davidson’s Drawing book aforementioned (last post, yo). Recently, I exclaimed in all sincerity that drawing was one of the best things in the world. Weird as it is, I really believe that. Other pursuits carry a similar weight for me– music, for instance– but the exclamation is wholly true. I love the magic of paring things down to elemental simplicity {drawing = a material dragged across a surface where it loses particles in the landscape of its friction} and seeing what can come out of that ridiculously simple act. Margaret’s book feeds this wonder. Even as she addresses very pragmatic and helpful thoughts about types of materials and some of the basics of seeing through drawing, she is also willing to go here:

[Roland] Flexner’s bubbles are unique. They are the product of, and even depict, several physical laws that control all things in the universe, including, we are startled to remember, us.

My husband Zack was in a show that opened this past weekend with Patrick Kelly, whose process exploits basic drawing in a fleshy, almost sculptural way:

Patrick Kelly detail

2 thoughts on “drawing”

  1. Sometimes, I find removing the mark equally as thrilling. To be human with flaws, but allowed the simple orange, rubbery, take-it-away-tip is a grace all its own.

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