Now that my feet are wet with animation, I’m curious about how it can fit inside my practice fluidly. This example of Louise Despont’s animation of her own drawings is inspiring (be sure to watch the little animation on the lower right). I grew up with 70s Sesame Street and in Montessori school, so there’s something very comforting about moving geometries. I have my middle son in a co-op preschool and I love when, on my workday, I get placed in either the “small motor” area, where geometric small parts are manipulated, or “large motor” area, where large geometric pieces are balanced.

Philip Glass + Sesame Street:


1 thought on “animatrices”

  1. It’s interesting how these early visual experiences lodge themselves in your formative brain, shaping and accessorizing your memories, becuase it was like coming home for me watching these clips. The order and sense is comforting.

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