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The track below is another collaboration of sorts– the song was written by Liz Janes and remade by Shara Worden, two more women/artists I greatly admire. I’m rewriting my artist’s statement, and it links well with this content. “Why is every little bitty thing falling apart?” Advertisements



Are you in or near Indianapolis? Will you be on August 10th, 11th or 12th? If so, swing by this event in my stead! The piece I’ll have in this is a volley-back from Roberto Carlos Lange (aka Helado Negro) for whom I made the Obra Uno animation. This new animation (which I’ll post after […]



This blog has a function. I have to remember and remind myself why it is that I side-stream a portion of what would normally be my own journal into this more public sphere, and when I post something like the last one, where I whine about things being “a bore” and such, I also remember […]

Landscape has played throughout my art-making– past present and future– in a way that, I am realizing, few other subjects do. It’s such a bear of a historical precedent to follow, and in some ways, I wish I could avoid it. Yet, there it is. It’s one of my most honest sources of inspiration– both […]

From artist Jerry Cutler in the latest* “New American Paintings“: Lesson 1: Standing quietly in the woods I glimpse a memory. I briefly understand how humans lived as children of the wilderness. Here, on the leaf covered path, space is not hardened into vast, hardened geometry. Lesson 2: Our market obsessions, our blind anticipations over […]