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The Dudley Observatory in Schenectady, NY had a rockin’ show in 2004. I didn’t see it, but the description is utterly captivating: In his Principles of Philosophy of 1644, Rene Descartes described the earth as surrounded on all sides by a very liquid heaven. Although later discoveries discredited this idea, in a sense Descartes was […]

I had a job once working at a university museum cataloging their collection into a digital database. And what that means is that I was working with computers in a basement office all day. Yikes! During a particularly gray winter day, I wandered next door to the greenhouses where there was, among other green growing […]



I had the pleasure of being interviewed a week or so ago by a sharp lady who is both fascinating and fascinated. A good combo, no? The interviewer was Tessa Hulls and the interview/essay is up at Redefine Mag…  

I picked up the book James Lavadour: Landscapes from the library and was so struck by his description of his process that I’d just like to re-present it some of it here: You see how round these hills around here are. I would walk down the canyon and out of the canyon and I would […]