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All is mossy and grows on itself All is growing and climbs on itself All is climbing and waves in the wind All is waving and drips in the rain All is raining and pools in the hollows All is pooling and flows back and forth All is flowing from salt to fresh All is […]

(a continuation of this post) One day during my two-week stint at Sitka, I found myself walking through rain on my way back to the studio from lunch, and daydreaming about some of the tools in Julia D’Amario’s collection. I didn’t use a great number of them to make the prints I was working on, […]

My dad plays piano, and it was always a comfort to hear that sound (wooden, golden, airy and percussive– a choir of non-human vibrations so handily channeling human sentiment) inhabiting the house. Yesterday, my husband Zack listened to Bill Evans in the car as he drove out to the mountains to hunt mushrooms. At the […]

What gives? I keep forecasting the appearance of the post about “the work” of the residency. The simple hold up is that I just received the finished edition and I’ve not yet documented the pieces, so as soon as that’s here, I’ll fill in the blanks. In the meantime, let’s talk about the fabric of […]