moss (some side reflections on coastal oregon)

All is mossy and grows on itself

All is growing and climbs on itself

All is climbing and waves in the wind

All is waving and drips in the rain

All is raining and pools in the hollows

All is pooling and flows back and forth

All is flowing from salt to fresh

All is salty and green on the tongue

The tongue is a slug and a snake on the roadway

The road is a flat snake that curves against the hills

The last of the river in the flood-sculpted flatlands is a snake at the feet of the bear-like rocks


4 thoughts on “moss (some side reflections on coastal oregon)”

  1. I love the images my mind conjured up as I read this poem! It’s true, everything kinda runs together around the Sitka Center/Cascade Head/Salmon River Estuary area.

  2. I love the names of rhetorical tropes but never can remember most of them. But this one is the more complicated form of anadiplosis (!) called gradatio. Suits the lovely jumbled land- and water-scape.

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