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Zack and I had the privilege of curating a show for NEPO House, based around our family’s shared fascination with the bending of time and space and matter (yes!). The press release follows… NEPO House is proud to present: Benders an exhibition curated by Zack and Gala Bent Calvin Ross Carl  Lee Piechocki Maria Gamboa Molly […]

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Well, we just passed the official shortest day of the year, and so I am in mind of planetary patterns. The video below is a lovely and haunting meditation for me on the day-to-day rhythms that are presided over by the sun, moon, water, breath, even the patterns you make inside your relationships. It was […]

from inside out


I’ve been trying like the dickens to write an artist’s statement in connection with my most recent work (reactions to and spin-offs from historical paintings of the land in order to understand the contours of the earth through different eyes– hey– that’s not a bad distillation!), but this poem I wrote a few months ago […]

(Still being a purist, I’m writing this without reading anything else written about Zoe|Juniper’s “A Crack in Everything” that I saw last night)   “A Crack in Everything” begins and ends with an impossible dance. A thick, red yarn-like cord stretches from a dancer’s mouth across the stage and out of sight. It’s impossible because […]



I’m so excited that I finally get to see a Zoe|Juniper performance tomorrow night. I’ve long admired Zoe Scofield’s work from videos like the one above, and through her collaboration with Mandy Greer. But I’ve never seen her perform live! I’m embedding this older video, because I don’t want to spoil anything for myself before […]