solstice and well-worn paths

(Laura Gurton)

Well, we just passed the official shortest day of the year, and so I am in mind of planetary patterns. The video below is a lovely and haunting meditation for me on the day-to-day rhythms that are presided over by the sun, moon, water, breath, even the patterns you make inside your relationships. It was made by Seattle animator/artist Britta Johnson:



(Click the “full size” icon for best viewing)

3 thoughts on “solstice and well-worn paths”

  1. I am confused by the photo on the top of the blog. It says Laura Gurton on the bottom of the art work but you did not write why you put it up. Does it relate to the video you wrote about?

    1. Hi, Laura. I posted your painting because I like it and it reminded me of planetary bodies in a particularly wintery way. I marked it with your name in order to credit you and lead anyone else who would be interested to your work. (If you would rather not have me post it here, I’d be happy to take it down.)

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