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Benders (the NEPO house Little Treats exhibit curated by Zack Bent and yours truly) will be up for one more week; a concession to Seattle’s wild hair of a snow-stormy week. If you’re unable to make it to the space… if teleportation from another dimension or psycho-geographic locus is not in your immediate toolbox, here are […]

sharon horvath


A sense that the world is made of ether and nets, lights strung along sinuous lines, grids that superimpose slinky slips of implied form. …[T]he artist deals differently with space in the scale-shifting Nightbed(70 by 76 inches), 2002-09. Irregular, undulating, finely wrought black lines enmesh regions of grassy green and fleshy pink, and are anchored by […]

snow days


We’re having a very unusual snow storm in Seattle… Many days, lots of it, lots of missed school. I walked across the street to my neighbor’s house last night and had the exquisite pleasure of stepping through crackling ice covering the softer snow underneath. A crème brûlée effect. For those of you in more wintery locations, […]

kurt schwitters


This image has been in the back of my mind often when I am drawing architectural spin-offs. It’s strange to look back at it and see how deeply in got under my skin. I always loved how profoundly non-functional it was– but how beautiful– these geometric abstract-ideal intrusions into a living space. A rich article […]

Just ran across this great video of Seattle artist Whiting Tennis talking about his working process while at a residency at the Tang Museum in Skidmore, NY: And I also want to share this interview with friend and fellow mother-artist Counsel Langley, Painting Like Freddie Mercury Sang.

tomiyuki sakuta