Some recent news

I am excited to announce that I’ve been selected as a Neddy Fellowship nominee in painting this year. The Neddy has been an annual fellowship in Seattle since 1996 through the Behnke Foundation. A great survey of past recipients can be viewed here. Here’s the list of nominees:

The four finalists for the Neddy at Cornish in Painting are:

Gala Bent, Seattle, WA
Cynthia Camlin, Bellingham, WA
Jeremy Mangan, Fife, WA
Stacey Rozich, Seattle, WA

The four finalists for the Neddy at Cornish in Open Medium (any medium or combination of media grounded in the visual arts) are:

James Coupe, Seattle, WA
Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo (Lead Pencil Studio), Seattle, WA
Eirik Johnson, Seattle, WA
Susie J. Lee, Seattle, WA

There will be an exhibition at Cornish in June where the recipients of the fellowship will be announced. I will keep you updated!

George Kirkpatrick (an example of a crossover between traditional and experimental bookbinding)

Also… join me at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology this summer if you are interested in learning the basics of hand-made books! I’ll be teaching a variety of processes for binding, as well as showing many examples of hand-bound books and a brief survey of the advent of artist’s books. The course will be taught at beginner’s level, so feel free to come with no previous experience. To register, or read more about it, go here. Registration is open!

View from Cascade Head-- a short hike from Sitka's campus (photo by artist Wuon-Gean)

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