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Weeds can be architecturally stunning… radial, spiraling, delicate and stout, possessing hidden powers for healing and sustenance for larger, more mobile, legged species (us). Our family has been nourished by nettle pesto for the last two years– a surprisingly nutritious and earthily delicious staple. Once the nettles are blanched, they lose all stinging capacity, and […]

When I was going to Ball State in the middle right of the great state of Indiana (and earlier, when I was in high school in South Bend) Chicago was a place I went to get cultcha. Marilynn Derwenskus, my watercolor professor and a dynamo mentor, took us often on field trips and showed us […]

beef and ash


“Our human frame, our gutted mansion, our enveloping sack of beef and ash is yet a glory.” Leonard Baskin