Introduction to Bookbinding at Sitka Center
Student drawings from Summer at Cornish

This past summer was kicked off by a four-day stay at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, where I taught a bookbinding workshop, and wrapped up, so to speak, by a workshop at Cornish College of Art + Design, where I taught an observational drawing class. Aside from a small handful of older students who have been in my university classes, my lion’s share of teaching has been to the 18-24 year old set. In contrast, at Sitka, all but one of my students were older than me, while my students at Cornish ranged from 15-18. It was a refreshing and freshly challenging set of experiences.

Boyden Studio at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology
A figure imagined from items collected outside, drawn by a high school student at an observational drawing course (Summer at Cornish)

2 thoughts on “workshopping”

  1. Hi Gala! I took your bookbinding class at TU, Spring of 2005. Good times. I still have a few of the books I made … and the tool of the year, the bone file. Glad to see your success. Cheers!

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