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Sojourns in the Parallel World by Denise Levertov We live our lives of human passions,cruelties, dreams, concepts,crimes and the exercise of virtuein and beside a world devoidof our preoccupations, freefrom apprehension—though affected,certainly, by our actions. A worldparallel to our own though overlapping.We call it ‘Nature: only reluctantlyadmitting ourselves to be ‘Nature’ too.Whenever we lose track of […]

Haruko Nishimura from P. O’Brien | G. Miller on Vimeo. This season in Seattle is over-run by women in the arts– prompted by the Seattle Art Museum’s “Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris” that has recently opened. I’ll have work in two exhibitions that also celebrate women artists: Elles at SAM Gallery and Homage to Elles at […]