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I like to talk things out; evidence: this blawg. But there’s always been a very satisfying divide between what is visual and what can be described in words. I recently read a great interview with Tal R in Modern Painters and watched Gerhard Richter Painting. Both painters echo this tension/satisfaction. Richter: To talk about painting […]

here and gone


“Hey! Where’d that Christian van Minnen post go?” “Oh… sometimes I let a post out of the gate, and then I realize I want to think about it some more. It’ll be back.”

more than


I found myself stunned and captivated by this new work by Christian van Minnen, a painter who I met a while back when he still lived in Seattle and was part of a drawing event with me. He was also included in the still life show that I gushed over a couple years ago. Maybe […]