Shelter and persistence

“A number of times the thought came to me as I worked on this painting that I may very well be wasting my time.  Why continue on this because it is just not working. These thoughts feel creepy and wicked and I have learned to speak directly to them something like this, ‘Well thank you for your opinion but why don’t you go have a seat over there while I keep working on this any way.’  You just never know the out come of these things but if we don’t finish it is bound to fail.”

Thank you, Rick Beerhorst, for your perseverance. I love the sheltering Madonna with wire-rimmed glasses, the three-times self portrait that helps define what it feels like to re-present the world while being part of it. The clock, the book, the veil. Worth it!

Rick Beerhorst
Rick Beerhorst

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