Upcoming, ongoing

Gala Bent “Reflecting Pool” 2013

I’m preparing to take off for the TEDxPDX event this weekend… a very nice benefit of having donated a piece to the auction in connection with the conference. I’m so excited…

I was interviewed by Nari Kirk, of Poetry Northwest. It was easy to go deep (running down the field for a long pass) in response to her very rich questions.

Lots of new work going on in the studio, which has been mostly the dining room table. Some of it is going to Vessel Gallery in Oakland, CA, and a big wallop of it will be going to a show with the luminous Diem Chau at G.Gibson in the Fall. Updates inevitable.



2 thoughts on “Upcoming, ongoing”

  1. Very exciting!

    Your interview was, as always fascinating and rich. Talking about your work is such a fabulous exercise, one I certainly need to grow into. . .

    Our dining room is also occupied with pieces that shift at the changing meal times, it is rather like a dance(less graceful, perhaps, as we trip and stumble. . . skinned knees and bruised toes we still come out alive). What a life we live! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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