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dashed lines


The artist does not and cannot transmit a phenomenon in its entirety. The common time with four beats already conveys a certain intermittence: ‘1 – 2 – 3- 4.’ This intermittence is real and it allows us to show a single property common to a set of objects that we behold, and which is beyond […]



      That last post was influenced deeply, no, haunted-by-the-ghost-of John Muir, whose biography I started to read while in a cabin without running water or electricity. Accounts of this man’s absolute dedication to being outside have been intoxicating. Below are quotes from The Sierra Club‘s website; Muir co-founded the club: Walk away quietly […]



I will consider the lilies; I will consider the ferns. I will consider the fragrant ragged edged weeds that bloom with delicate purple stars. I will consider the wild ginger root that brightens the mind and cleans the teeth. I will consider the earthy-tasting richness of the stinging nettle, once it has been blanched in boiling water. I will […]

The funny thing


Gardens are a constant metaphor in my mind, and, lately, in my drawings. The funny thing is that I’m a really rotten gardener. I covet the endlessly thoughtful arrangements that house-owners keep up here on Crown Hill above Ballard in Seattle. I take long walks and drink it in. And then I come back to […]