dashed lines

Rain + Pen lines

The artist does not and cannot transmit a phenomenon in its entirety. The common time with four beats already conveys a certain intermittence: ‘1 – 2 – 3- 4.’ This intermittence is real and it allows us to show a single property common to a set of objects that we behold, and which is beyond their recognizable quality. Art always divides objects and offers a part instead of a whole, a feature of the whole, and no matter how detailed it is, it is still a dashed line representing a line. Art always separates the similar and unites the different. it is stepped (gradational) and can be montaged. But art is not a train connecting cars full of phrases. Connections highlight the ruptures. We isolate separate features in order to transmit the whole. If we develop a certain segment in great detail, then that segment replaces the whole, transmitting not so much its condition but the meaning of its condition. We divide narratives into separate chapters or paragraphs; we emphasize the distinction of separate lines through rhythm and rhyme. At the same time, we ‘repeat’ and reinforce the previous word with the help of rhyme, as it were, forcing the reader to reread the preceding line.”

Viktor Shklovsky, from Bowstring: On the Dissimilarity of the Similar


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