On two legs

It is a curious and attractive thing to see something other than a straightforward human being perched on two legs. I immediately feel both familiar and alien toward the form– probably one of the reasons I love Nick Cave’s soundsuits so much. It’s also the reason that dance has inspired me as much as any other artform. (See past entries on performances by Ralph Lemon and Zoe|Juniper) There’s something about the embodiment of ideas that really entrances me. Being able to relate through the recognition of our always-shells, the body-houses where we all live, but also with the sense that our limits are perhaps not what they seem.

After designing a three-color poster for my brother, Josh, and having it screen printed, I started working with my own ideas in that medium, and came up with a series of two-legged amalgamations. The results can be seen (and purchased!) here.


“As part of an ongoing, and often playful, study of the ways that we relate to our home planet, the prints cast a marriage of human and inhuman elements, so that waves and lumber and clouds and brambles balance (or tumble) on two legs. They are inspired by dance, comics, Chinese painters and plenty of time spent outside trying to understand the elements that make up our world.”


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