Who’s in my studio?

Nicole Eisenman "The Drawing Class"
Nicole Eisenman “The Drawing Class”

“This painting is like a rodent-pet. It smells like poop nuggets and wood chips. Does this painting hold up to paintings made by your contemporaries in Brooklyn? Or Berlin?”

“Why do you always think of those two cities?”

“Because they stand for edgy success.”

“Ha. If I make work thinking of that, I’ll be pretending to be something I’m not.”

“What would such-and-such former-art-school-buddy/art-writer/gallerist/husband/admirer/dude-on-the-street think of this?”

“Oh, just be quiet and meditative. Let it be a prayer. A secret conversation.”

“Ugh. This one gets stuck in my throat. I don’t know where to look, or whether to look. Total mess.”

“Facile. Too pretty. Too traditional.”

“Too much of a repeat of what you’ve done before.”

“Too different. No one will follow. Lost in the woods.”

“Predictable. What’s the deal with rectangles?”

“Unclear. Referencing everything and nothing.”


“You are deceiving yourself.”

“Shhhhhh sh. Just work and respond to the work.”

“Where does this belong? In a living room? A museum? Online?”

“It doesn’t matter. It just has to work.”

“It DOES matter. Art is a two-way street. Who are you talking to?”

“I don’t know. Who are YOU talking to?”

“This solitude is getting really crowded.”


2 thoughts on “Who’s in my studio?”

  1. Ooo, ooo I know this one!. . . They’re in mine too. . . when I’m in mine. . . which is really my house. . .which I’m in all the time. . . which adds other dynamics entirely 😐

    The good news is, however, I’m working on a magic formula to free up the productivity and minimize the mental chitter-chatter. I’ll let you know when I perfect it!

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