Still waiting for you to come home

with seaweed around your head

“We thought you were gone forever!”

But no, the whale has kept its mouth hinged shut

Stubborn sea creature

Stubborn dreams that bring pieces of you to the dark

and then filter back down through the hungry water




Hans Hoffman (via 50 Watts)

Vessel Gallery Show, Oakland, CA

Last year, I stopped by this beautiful space in Oakland, CA, and admired both the tension-filled graceful sculptures by John Ruszel and Joanne Hashitani‘s delicate, intricate wall pieces.

This coming Thursday…

Vessel Gallery (photo from Allyce Wood’s blog)

Concerns for the Environment
EXHIBITION: July 18 – August 24, 2013

Group show including artworks by William Harsh,
Carol Dalton, Jon Gariepy, Gala Bent,
Walter James Mansfield, Iris Polos, Cyrus Tilton, Allyce Wood

Thursday, July 18, 2013, 6:30-8PM, Private Reception, You’re invited! Music Performance by Haydn Enthusiasts, performing Part 1 of Haydn Strings Quartet.

Oakland Art Murmur Open, Friday, August 2, 2013, 6-9PM
Music Performance by Echo Twin

We are experiencing a shift in the environment; our weather patterns are changing, global temperatures are climbing, our oceans are acidifying, and our sea levels are rising. At this critical moment, these artists have taken a moment to not only comment on a wide spectrum of personal concerns for the environment, but also provoke deeper thought regarding the effect we are having, and allow us this opportunity to take pause, consider our actions – actions that profoundly shape our future – and this shared global place we call home.

I’m going to be there for the artist’s talk, which is Saturday August 10th, 2-3:30. Please come by if you’re in the area!