Pop out please


Report from the studio: hungry for three dimensions again. And then four would be good too.


while i’ve got you on the line

The line as a tool for human communication does a variety of conflicting things in the psyche. It is an edge-finder. It says, “This is this, and this is not this.” “I am here and you are there.” “This thing is not what lies outside of it.” And yet, it is also the symbol for connection. A network only becomes a network when several points are connected with lines. The best networks happen when the lines are barely noticeable… when the line works so well that the gap is closed, and we feel identified so closely with the thing we’ve reached that the line seems to have disappeared.

Buckminster Fuller




The Art of Google Books (where the images above were nabbed) describes itself this way: The adversaria of Google Books: captured mark of the hand and digitization as rephotography. The images on the site drive me batty with their fertile, funny, accidental and purposeful tracking of knowledge and opinion and the romantic quirks of books as objects. I love it, is what I’m saying. I love the finger condoms of the book scanners and the amber-blue zebra feedback of moire patterns. I love the combination of water stains and worm holes and digital hiccups, and the way the original content persists with a straight face.