Extended Titles for Particle Playlist (Part 4)

For my recent solo show at G.Gibson Gallery in Seattle, I had titles on the wall and extended titles for each piece on an accompanying sheet. For a few posts, I am documenting those here:


Shelter: Cast off the long lost line. The birds are eating, the squirrels digging. Our homes have become bitten and worn but there is wood for the fire and some volunteer lavender.



Sky Measurements: In great patience and hope, the sky is observed.



Take on Me (A Taxonomy): It becomes clear that each of us, no matter how open we are, seem to be responsible for a handful of ideas that repeat in various forms throughout our lives.



Tryptophilia: Once I discover there is a word for the fear of many holes packed tightly together— tryptophobia— I realize that I have the opposite—tryptophilia, maybe. Pores and honeycombs are focused patterns of interaction between an interior and exterior world. A sign of life, permeability, vulnerability, and hope.

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