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I spent a day one time learning the basics of manuscript illumination. The instructor was an immersive teacher, reading psalms to us and playing monastic chants as we worked. The day had a long, slow cadence that involved layering and waiting, eating together and discussing the symbolic aspects of, for instance, breathing warm air onto […]

On two legs


It is a curious and attractive thing to see something other than a straightforward human being perched on two legs. I immediately feel both familiar and alien toward the form– probably one of the reasons I love Nick Cave’s soundsuits so much. It’s also the reason that dance has inspired me as much as any […]

One of the world’s great cities that I’d love to visit someday is Istanbul. I have a former student who grew up there, and was recently visiting again. She wandered into an English and Turkish bookstore, Robinson Crusoe, and was browsing their art books. Flipping through “Contemporary Drawing,” she came across one of mine. I’m […]

They’re up!  They’re up!  The three shows that open tonight are hung and lit and labeled.  I’ll post pictures of the installation-based pieces when I have them.

For the Drum of the Draw event, I prepared way too many surfaces to work on (4 hours goes soooo fast!).  In the time since then, I’ve continued to work on these 5″ x 7″ -ish sized sheets.  In the spirit of the evening, I’ll send one to you for $50 + $5 shipping if […]

We won’t be there in body, but our work will be; small unframed pieces from $25-300.  Thank you, Anna-Marie, of love+luck.