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What a fun experience it was to collaborate with Nicholas Strobelt a couple weeks ago at Strange Coupling– an annual collaborative project between University of Washington seniors and graduate students with local working artists. Nick is a senior in Photomedia, with boundless energy and smarts. He’s been making photos like this (these are from a […]

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The artist does not and cannot transmit a phenomenon in its entirety. The common time with four beats already conveys a certain intermittence: ‘1 – 2 – 3- 4.’ This intermittence is real and it allows us to show a single property common to a set of objects that we behold, and which is beyond […]

Rikuo Ueda came to Ball State, where I studied art in undergrad, and imprinted on my memory. He held a tea ceremony in a specially designed tea house outside the architecture building. He attached pen refills to the ends of branches and let the wind make drawings. “His works are a form of what has […]



Zack and I had the privilege of curating a show for NEPO House, based around our family’s shared fascination with the bending of time and space and matter (yes!). The press release follows… NEPO House is proud to present: Benders an exhibition curated by Zack and Gala Bent Calvin Ross Carl  Lee Piechocki Maria Gamboa Molly […]

(a continuation of this post) One day during my two-week stint at Sitka, I found myself walking through rain on my way back to the studio from lunch, and daydreaming about some of the tools in Julia D’Amario’s collection. I didn’t use a great number of them to make the prints I was working on, […]

At the risk of repeating myself (especially for those who have been reading here for a while), I just returned from a two-week print-making residency at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. I have been planning to summarize the experience here, though I’m finding that it’s difficult to sum it up in a blog-appropriate way. […]

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One discovery: I thought I’d be a fountain of insight as a result of the long-sought-after solitude that is a luxury of this residency. If insight comes, though, it will come later, I think. I’m learning so much so quickly, and working in a very focused way. There’s not much extra energy for more output! […]