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I spent a day one time learning the basics of manuscript illumination. The instructor was an immersive teacher, reading psalms to us and playing monastic chants as we worked. The day had a long, slow cadence that involved layering and waiting, eating together and discussing the symbolic aspects of, for instance, breathing warm air onto […]

sharon horvath


A sense that the world is made of ether and nets, lights strung along sinuous lines, grids that superimpose slinky slips of implied form. …[T]he artist deals differently with space in the scale-shifting Nightbed(70 by 76 inches), 2002-09. Irregular, undulating, finely wrought black lines enmesh regions of grassy green and fleshy pink, and are anchored by […]

…and respiration, as one example of the expansion/contraction rhythm. The sleeping scene in this William Kentridge animation (around the 1:00 mark) has been stuck in my mind for some time. I can’t put my finger exactly on why, but I am fixated on the persistence of these small rhythmic continuities (heartbeats, eyes blinking, swallowing spit, […]

{above: Tiffany Bozic} Time is terrifying. Can I get a witness? When I read “A Wrinkle in Time” as a child, Madeleine L’Engle blew my mind into orbit. I remember lying in bed with the universe spinning around me, trying to comprehend the beginning and end of my life– trying to imagine the world before […]

I know it’s the day after Halloween, but let’s talk about being haunted. When I first moved to Seattle, I remember smelling an unfamiliar plant smell some evenings– especially at dusk. A salty green cabbage-like odor. It slowly occurred to me that I was smelling our new neighbor– the sea inlet, Puget Sound. I’d never […]

As I study for an upcoming animation class, I’ve been fascinated by the history of human ideas about vision and light. Especially interesting is the common connection between images “inside our eyes” and those in dreams. Contemporary science doesn’t seem to make a link between these things at all– relegating them neatly into the categories […]

Just got the new rubymag, and the song below was playing on the radio as I looked at Elina Minn‘s work. It was a good match, so I thought I’d pass it on.